Become a DHIA Verification Tester

If you raise dairy animals, you may have heard of the DHIA program where milk is weighed and lab tested to record milk components. If not, now you have.

The DHIA verification tester is a necessary helper for some of the milk testing plans for single owners. Most importantly, a herd owner who wants to test their herd will need to do an annual test with a third party overseeing it. Those third parties are in rare supply. We weren’t able to complete our own DHI test year for lack of a certified tester.

If you’re in the dairy industry–and even if not–you can add an income stream by offering to be a DHIA verification tester for local cow and goat dairy owners. Start by looking in local Facebook groups and papers to find herds who may need your services.

What Does the DHIA Verification Tester Do?

Very simply, a verification tester oversees the owner sampler’s normal milk day test process. Most herds test twice in a day. You’ll need to be able to be present to watch both tests. You will verify that the animal on the form is the animal being milked and that the actual weight is recorded for that animal. Complete a simple annual certification to be able to perform this service. The milk verification test is an annual test, so you will only perform this once per year per herd.

If you live in an area with dairy herds of any size, advertise your services and fill a very real need as a DHIA verification tester. Besides, you may learn how to improve your own herd!

Resources to Get Started

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