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I’ve been meaning to buy a colloidal silver generator for a few years now. The cost of buying commercially prepared silver is the only reason we don’t use it more. As it turns out, that’s a barrier for a lot of other people too, but lower priced, independent sellers can definitely find their niche in the colloidal silver market.

In researching for purchasing my own generator, I joined some Facebook groups and discovered that a surprising number of people are still more interested in buying it made than making their own. Having also bartered for locally made colloidal silver in the past, I think making and selling colloidal silver could definitely be a small side income that opens the door to a bigger business, perhaps selling herbs or finished herbal tinctures and salves.

Initial Investment Cost

At $20 for a four-ounce bottle, I expected the cost to make my own to be significantly higher than it is. You can get everything you need to make gallons of colloidal silver for under $100. Here’s the list, including the generator we purchased and are enjoying using now:

That’s it.  For $82.37, you have what you need to make one gallon of colloidal silver and you only need to spend $1 per additional gallon for the water.  There are some cool DIY distillers too, if you’re handy.  The silver that comes with the machine is enough to make 75 gallons of water and 3 9-volt batteries are estimated to last one year.

Space Required

Making colloidal silver requires no land and only about 1 square foot of storage space for the machine and its extras.

Turnaround Time

One quart of 20ppm colloidal silver takes about 2 hours to make.  You can start selling it as soon as it’s made, so if you have a way to sell–locally is best–you can work on earning your investment back immediately.

Daily Time Requirements

Colloidal silver takes about 2 hours to make with stirring every 30 minutes (you can buy generators that stir, too).  It’s something we do when we’re hanging around the house anyway, like after dinner or while baking or cooking.  Actual hands on time is less than 10 minutes per batch.

Profit Potential

One quart–32 ounces–of colloidal silver is selling on Etsy right now for $20-$30, depending on the source, and about $16-$40 per quart on eBay.  It costs less than $2 per gallon to make colloidal silver at home, so the profit potential is pretty significant, assuming you have a market for it.

Potential Markets

Colloidal silver would be a perfect addition to a farm stand, farmers market tent or through any online or in-person sales venues, like Craigslist, Facebook, Etsy and eBay.  It makes a great barter item as well.

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13 thoughts on “Make and Sell Colloidal Silver

  1. Judi Colp says:

    I am curious I live in Canada and am interested in selling Colloidal Silver and was wondering if it’s legal?

    • megan says:

      Sorry, I didn’t get a notification for this earlier. I don’t know about legality in Canada. You might speak with your local health department to find out.

    • megan says:

      I’d check with your state agency to find that out. It will vary by state. I see it being sold on various websites in different states, but I don’t know the legalities in them.

  2. Jennifer Kirby says:

    How do we legally label the colloidal silver or products that we make using colloidal silver as an ingredient? I can’t seem to find information anywhere on this. I’m in the USA. Would this be regulated by state department of agriculture or FDA?

    • megan says:

      You’d need to look at the specific product you’re using it in. Most important is that you don’t make any medical claims about it, because that would classify it as a drug and that requires a huge burden of red tape.

  3. Arthur says:

    Many people make “ionic silver” with an electrolysis machine and call it colloidal silver. It’s ionic silver and not for internal consumption.
    Colloidal silver requires more processes. It then becomes non-ionic, which is for internal use.

  4. Arthur says:

    Nothing was mentioned about the legalities of selling colloidal silver.
    Do you have to have a batch tested and on record?
    FDA regulations?

  5. Jo says:

    I have been making CS for almost 20 years for my family. I use ONLY distilled water & 99.9% silver rods. I also use tinted wine bottles for storage. I ALWAYS keep a spray bottle in my purse, & in my kitchen. I use my Silver, especially, for topical use. When we lived in the Las Vegas area, the arid climate caused my eyes to be dry. I sprayed my CS in my eyes & my eyes stopped hurting! It is GREAT for burns & cuts/scrapes! It really IS Nature’s Antibiotic!!! Now that I am on a fixed income (SSI), I am considering selling it locally. How should I go about marketing my Silver? I live in Texas. I will wait for your kind reply.

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