Make Toy Surprise Bath Bombs

“Having a Bath” by Michael Zeising is licensed under CC BY 2.0

My daughter got a toy surprise bath bomb for Christmas last year.  What a hit!  She enjoyed it so much we bought all the supplies to make our own and they’re incredibly easy. They are made up of very small toys–in her case, a color changing mermaid–inside a bath bomb. You drop the bath bomb in, which is fun in its own right, and after the bomb dissolves, there’s a fun toy to play with. All of her siblings were jealous – so was I.

Bath bombs can be made with a small number of inexpensive ingredients that are easy to purchase – many at your local grocery store.  I bought all of my supplies on Amazon for convenience.  Things like essential oils and large bath bomb molds aren’t easy to find locally and may not be for you either.   I’ll include a list below.

Initial Investment Cost

You can get all of the supplies you need for about $100.  They include:

The total cost of these ingredients comes to about $100 and you have enough to do tons of bath bombs.

Space Required

No land is required and indoor storage space is minimal – hooray!

Turnaround Time

You can start seeing a return in less than a week.  Your bath bombs should cure for a day before packaging and then you can start advertising them.  Even better, take custom orders once you have a few for display, then you don’t have time invested before a sure sale is made.

Daily Time Requirements

Bath bomb mix up quickly, especially in small batches.  You’ll need to buy more molds if you want to do bulk mixes, but the time spent to do one batch is less than a half hour.  You can probably mix and fill in under 15 minutes if everything is organized (not here!).

Profit Potential

Overall profits are not going to be high, but you’ll see surges in sales around holidays.  This makes a great homemade gift item or party favor too.  I love keeping things like this on hand for bartering and gifting.  When people see them, they’re usually smitten and more willing to buy some for their own gift giving.

Potential Markets

This is one of those things that will sell best locally, so focus on local ad places like Craigslist and Facebook.  If you can price them competitively, eBay and Etsy are also great options, but more competition means both lower sales and lower pricing options.  Focus in your local area where these are likely a novelty for best results.

Learn More

Bath bombs are easy to make and can make a great addition to your craft products lineup.  Be sure to look into state regulations before you sell these.  Our state has strict labeling requirements but no other special rules.  Know before you sell to avoid costly penalties.

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