Resell Nursery Seedlings

While putting together a tree seedling co-op for some friends the other day, it occurred to me that you can resell nursery seedlings for a pretty tidy profit if you have the timing and a little expendable cash.  With discounts of as much as 80-90% for large quantities of each species, you can turn small dollars into a pretty sweet return, getting free seedlings to boot.

You may need a reseller’s permit or other licensing to resell nursery seedlings.  Check with your county and state agencies to find out what you need to legally do this.

To find customers, post on Craigslist and Facebook.  Seek out likeminded friends and, instead of a co-op where everyone pays the same price, buy them yourself and offer them at a discounted price over the nursery’s retail prices. 

Some trees are sold bare root and others potted.  Find out what has the most appeal in your area and resell nursery seedlings that fit this demand.  If you choose bare root, plan to sell them immediately; otherwise, you’re stuck potting them and adding huge labor cost to your overhead.

Resources to Resell Nursery Seedlings

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