Start a Fence Company

There’s no doubt about it, building fence is an acquired skill. If you live out in the country, you’ve more than likely seen examples of fences that were not built by professionals.  Ask anyone who has tried to hire a fence company though and they’ll tell you that it’s almost impossible to find affordable, quality companies to build their fences.

If you have fence building skills or the ability to acquire them, you can be the solution to this problem.  You will find your services in high demand through the summer months and enjoy the reward of a break during winter months, unless you live in a warm climate, then you’re stuck working all year, poor you.

Owning your own fence company allows you to–to some extent–set your own hours to work around other small farm business ventures you might have.

You can get started with under $5k and you need no land to operate this business. You can easily build up enough business to provide a full time income.  The nice thing is that, once you have supplies, you can start generating clients right away.

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