Teach Survival Classes

In researching a business opportunity we’re pursuing, I’ve discovered how much people are longing for good teachers. If you have survival skills, consider teaching survival classes to supplement your small farm income.

Why Survival Classes?

According to Keyword Finder, a tool I use almost daily to learn about search trends, more than a million people per month are searching for information on survival:

This is an area where many small farmers and homesteaders are well versed already. If you live near a metro area, capitalize on that proximity and offer weekend, weeknight or even daily survival classes.

Set a schedule based on seasonality. In spring, teach classes on early herb foraging, lighting fires, survival/permaculture gardens, etc. Summer could segue into fishing, trapping, advanced foraging. There are many options.

Make a list of the things you know how to do. Chances are that someone else wants to know how to do this. I can’t tell you how many posts I see from people hungering for a way to learn these things that is more personalized and hands-on than videos or online articles.

With rates ranging from $10-$50 per person, you can rack up some serious cash in an area where the demand for these survival classes is high.

Resources on Teaching Survival Classes

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