The Master List

This is it, the master list of small business income ideas.  As they are created, they will be added to this list that you can sort by each table heading.  This allows you to find ideas by initial cost, profit potential ($-$$$), daily time required and more.

Contact me if you want to add information or ideas.

IdeaCategoryInitial InvestmentAcreageDaily TimeProfit Potential
Raising Bottle CalvesRaising<$5001+<1 hour$$$
Growing Nettles as a Cash CropGrowing<$100<1 acre<1 hour$$
Becoming a Freelance WriterTech'ingNoneNone1-4 hours$$$
Turn Waste into Gold by Selling CompostRaising<$100<1 acre<1 hour$$
Growing Basket Willows for ProfitGrowing<$100<1 acre<1 hour$$$
Resell Clearance Toys on AmazonTech'ing<$100None<1 hour$$$
Offer Pet Boarding ServicesDoing<$500<1 acre1-4 hours$$
Small Farm Chicken HatcheryRaising<$100<1 acre<1 hour$$
Start Your Own Mealworm FarmRaising<$100None<1 hour$
Growing Cider Apples for ProfitGrowing>$5k1+<1 hour$$
Breeding GoatsRaising$1k-$2k<1 acre<1 hour$$
Sell Firewood BundlesDoing<$100None<1 hour$
Become a Sheep ShearerDoing$2k-$3kNone1-4 hours$$
Make Toy Surprise Bath BombsCrafting<$100None<1 hour$
Sell Bagged Chicken ManureRaisingNone<1 acre<1 hour$
Start a Babysitting BusinessDoingNoneNone1-4 hours$$
Make and Sell Colloidal SilverMaking<$100None<1 hour$$
Become a Hired ScytheDoing<$500None1-4 hours$$
Raising Rabbits for IncomeRaising<$500<1 acre<1 hour$$
Start an Art BusinessCrafting<$100None<1 hour$$$
Start a Fence CompanyDoing$3k-$5kNone8 hours per day$$$
Teach Survival ClassesDoingNone<1 acre<1 hour$$$
Resell Nursery SeedlingsDoing<$500None<1 hour$$
Sell Foraged Rose HipsGrowingNone<1 acre<1 hour$
Sell Kefir GrainsMakingNoneNone<1 hour$