Sell Foraged Rose Hips

Foraged rose hips are an incredibly useful source of vitamin C. Many herbalists hold them in high regard, and with good reason. Taken in a tea or mixed into a healing tonic, rose hips can help someone fight off any immune attacks.

Rose hips are not so easy to come by in all locales. They are also only seasonally available toward the end of summer. It takes time to scout out a spot to forage for rose hips and then go back at the right time to gather them. For these reasons, if you know of a ready source or–even better–have them growing on your property, you can sell them for a small extra income stream.

Paired with other foraging opportunities, foraged rose hips can help you add value to a foraged herbs business.

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One thought on “Sell Foraged Rose Hips

  1. Shawndra Browning says:

    Everywhere I look I see wild rose hips – I can’t help feeling like I could really do well collecting them – but have no o idea where to take them to sell them . I’ve been searching all day and this was the best page I have found . I’m in Eugene OR , can you help me find out where my would take them to sell ?

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