Sell Bagged Chicken Manure on eBay

In another of those, “Do they really do that?” episodes, we have bagged chicken manure. And yes, they do. Take a look at these search results on eBay to see that not only are people listing chicken manure for sale, they’re also selling it at pretty high numbers. One seller is selling what fits in a flat rate box, 1.5-2 pounds according to their listing, for $5, plus $7.20 for shipping and they’ve sold 45 of them! Not bad for something you’d ordinarily not consider valuable.  Another seller has gallon bags (4#) for $18.99, collected fresh.

If you have facilities to compost, there is a market for composted and bagged chicken manure as well, adding more value to a product you probably already have an abundance of if you raise chickens.

Initial Investment Cost

Because this income idea utilizes waste from a product you already have, there is no investment cost. The only supplies you’ll need are a shovel you most likely already have and some Ziploc bags. Shipping boxes are available for free from the Post Office when you get ready to ship.

Space Required

Chickens are able to thrive on small spaces. You can build an enclosed run and raise a handful of chickens on a couple hundred square feet.

Turnaround Time

You can see immediate returns selling bagged chicken manure.  The only wait time is the time it takes from when you begin to market to when you see a sale.  If you have a farm Facebook page and an established presence, this can happen immediately.

Daily Time Requirements

You can fill an order in minutes, just walk out to the coop, shovel into a bag and slap it in a box.  I’m laughing as I write this – what a great way to make money!

Profit Potential

Net profits on a waste product are often better than the original product itself.  By that I mean you’ll probably make more money selling bagged chicken manure than you will selling their primary products, eggs and meat.  With that said, it’s something you might expect to make a small amount per month at, perhaps enough to pay for feed, unless you have a strong market or can include it as an add-on with an existing sales channel, like farmer’s markets or a farm stand.

Potential Markets

An online venue will work well for selling bagged chicken manure.  Experiment with weights and shipping costs to find the sweet spot where buyers are willing to pay the higher cost for shipping but get enough for their money to make it worthwhile.  You can advertise on Craigslist, Facebook and, of course, eBay.  Etsy is probably another, smaller market for this as well.

In person sales will work well at farmer’s markets, farm stands, swap meets or to buyers who come to your farm for other products.

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    • megan says:

      I’d post in community groups around your area and put it on message boards at your local farm stores if you have that option. You might approach wherever you can buy gardening supplies and ask if they’d be willing to buy or let you sell there on consignment.

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